The Proof is in the Soil

Our clients want plants that will look as attractive in the ground as they do in the catalogue; we use our knowledge of the region and available plant stock to work with our clients to select annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that will perform beautifully in the unique conditions of their property. Besides beauty, we also consider many other factors such as seasonal color and interest, attraction for birds, butterflies or pests, light requirements, height, width, texture, and growth habit.

Native Plant Selections

We’ve witnessed a growing trend in the green industry to promote the use of native plants in home landscapes. As a company that strives to be environmentally conscious, we welcome every opportunity to work with clients to create gardens using native plants or blends of native and non-native species that will enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Our planting services routinely include:

  • Plant Selection

  • Plant installation

  • Soil Amendments

What are Soil Amendments?

Soil amendments are materials added to improve the physical properties of an existing soil base to provide a better environment for plant growth. We work with local vendors who mix specialty soils to create ideal blends that match individual client needs.

Our Installation Selections

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