The Root of Our Services

The core of our business is residential landscape maintenance. We strive to tailor services to our client’s needs by working with our clients to achieve the desired look and feel in their outdoor environment.

Why does maintenance matter?

Regular maintenance of a garden or landscape ensures attractive outdoor spaces, while routine plant care protects your outdoor assets like trees and shrubs.

Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Hand-weed all planted beds and remove debris

  • Clean all hard surfaces of debris

  • Trim all shrubs and trees using the appropriate pruning technique to maintain the desired shape & size of the plant material

  • Trim or mow groundcover plantings to promote healthy growth

  • Remove tree and shrub branches to provide adequate clearance for walks and drives

  • Hand water non-irrigated containers & beds

  • Mulch beds, trees, and shrubs to reduce weeds

  • Edge beds, trees, and shrubs with natural spade edging

  • Leaf clean-up and removal

Horticultural Services

  • “Soft/pick” prune shrubs, flowering vines, and specialty specimens such as ornamental trees, flowering shrubs and groundcover

  • Tie and train flowering vines to trellis or pergola

  • Trim back and deadhead annual color

  • Cutback, deadhead, thin and divide perennial color

  • Fertilize individual plants

  • Apply pest control treatments as necessary

Garden Management Services

  • Provide on-going horticultural consultation and “on-site” supervision of the landscape maintenance

  • Provide client consultation and walkthroughs

  • Design and supervise annual color installation and container plantings

  • Select and purchase plants and materials

  • Coordinate with the client’s Landscape Architect

  • Coordinate services being provided by other exterior property consultants

Our Landscape Selections

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