An Investment That Grows

Homeowners who invest in regular maintenance for their lawn experience a number of benefits: improved lawn tolerance to weather changes, decreased susceptibility to pests and diseases, and increased curb appeal which can increase the overall monetary value and marketability of the property. We strive to promote healthy lawns through environmentally responsible practices.

Lawn Care Services Include:

  • New Lawn or Renovation

  • Soil Grading to improve water drainage

  • Drain Installation to prevent water pooling

  • Sod Installation

  • Seeding and Over seeding

  • Existing Lawn Maintenance

  • Fertilizer applications (with optional soil sampling)

  • Herbicide, Insecticide, & Fungicide applications

  • Lime application

  • Core Aeration

  • Overseeding

What is Core Aeration?

Lawns that regularly see high traffic or heavy rains can become compacted over time, preventing the lawn from receiving adequate water, nutrients, and oxygen. Core aeration is a simple process that relieves compaction, improves water and nutrient movement in the soil, increases rooting, and prevents thatch accumulation. Aeration improves the growing conditions for the turf grass, which results in a healthier, more vigorous lawn.


At this time, we offer mowing services on a limited basis. When mowing, our crews take the time to walk the property first, picking up twigs, limbs, and toys as well as scouting for areas of wet soil first to avoid damaging turf. Our equipment is regularly maintained, and we make a point of changing our mow patterns often to promote healthy, beautiful turf. Every job is finished by line trimming edges and cleaning off both walks and drives for a professional look.

Soil grading to improve drainage

Drainage issues immediately around the home are often caused or exasperated by improper soil grades which cause water to drain towards the home rather than away from it. In these cases, our company is typically able to temporarily remove the existing landscape, make the necessary re-grades, and restore the original landscape without significant change or damage to the plants or surroundings.

Lawn Care Selections

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